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Baby Sleeping Bag Ultra-Soft Fluffy Fleece Blanket

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Color: Thin Fleece 1

Thin Fleece 1
Thin Fleece 2
Thin Fleece 3
Thin Fleece 4
Thin Fleece 5
Thin Fleece 6
Thin Flannel 1
Thin Flannel 2
Thin Flannel 3
Thin Flannel 4
Thick Fleece 1
Thick Fleece 2
Thick Fleece 3
Thick Fleece 4
Thick Fleece 5
Thick Fleece 6
Thick Flannel 1
Thick Flannel 2
Thick Flannel 3
Thick Flannel 4
Thick Fleece 7
Thick Fleece 8
Thick Fleece 9
Thick Fleece 10
Thick Fleece 11
Thick Fleece 12
Thick Fleece 13
Thick Fleece 14
Thick Fleece 15
Thick Fleece 16

Size: 3M



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Ultra soft, ultra warm for a sound sleep

Spending more than 14 hours per day sleeping, your little sleeping cutie needs a warm and fleecy sleeping bag like ours to always sleep soundly and dream sweetly. 

Warm as mother’s hug

The fluffy fleece outside and soft cotton inside makes this blanket toasty and comfy like a warm hug, keeping your baby sleep deeply even in a freezing cold night. 

Cover from top to toe  

This sleeping bag is designed with a hood and two legs to snuggly cover your infant from top to bottom. 

Cute little animals

No one can’t stop cuddling and loving your little babies when they curve in this bag and transform into lovely bears and rabbits.  

Safe for sensitive skin 

The high-quality and skin-friendly material will cause no discomfort to the sensitive skin of your baby. 

Warm offers for happy child!

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  • Material: Polyester Flannel / Fleece

Care instructions

  • Machine Washable


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